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Dr. Pushpa Jha




Deptt. of Chemical Engineering


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+91 01672 253 196


+91 01672 253 197



Educational Details

Educational Qualification

Ph.D. (1997): Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT, Delhi.
M.E. (1989): Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Technology(now Dr. SSBUICET), Panjab University, Chandigarh.
B.E.(1987): Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Technology(now Dr. SSBUICET), Panjab University, Chandigarh.



Overall Experience

1. Have Teaching and Research experience of more than 26 years at Shaheed Bhagat State Technical Campus, Ferozepur and Sant Longowal Institute of Engg. & Tech., Longowal
2. Have administrative experience at institutes/universities, as mentioned in point 1, as HOD, Chief Counsellor, Chairperson House Allotment, Chief Exam Coordinator, Warden, etc.
3. Know about developing all core UG and PG level Chemical Engg labs.
4. Organised National Conference on “Waste Management & Recycling-2011” as a resource person.
5. Guided more than 50 B.Tech. (Projects), 10 M.Tech. Dissertations and 3 Ph.D. thesis.

Expert/Invited Talks

1. Delivered specialist talks on Thermochemical Characterisation of Biomass-A Renewable Source of Energy in Short Term Course on Renewable Energy Sources, during July 06-11,2009, organised by Dept. of Chem. Tech., SLIET, Longowal

2. Delivered an expert talk on Briquetting Technology in TEQIP sponsored Short Term Training Programme on Recent Advances in Energy Technology, organised by the Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT, Jalandhar, from June 02-06, 2014.

3. Delivered expert lecture on Application of Biomass as Adsorbents for Removal of Phenol from Effluents. In ICRM 2018 at Kottayam, Kerela.

4. Delivered a talk as an invited speaker, in an online format, to present Analysis of biomasses for their thermochemical transformations to biofuels” for the international conference EPM 20, organized by Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom.

5. Delivered a talk on Conversion of biomass to biofuels through their thermo-chemical transformations as an invited speaker at the International Online Conference on Energy Sciences (ICES 2021), held at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India. from 10th-12th December 2021.

6. Delivered an invited talk on Biomass Characterization for their Thermo-chemical transformations to Biofuels at ICBSSD 2022 (an International Online Conference), organised by the Center for Nanoscience and Technology and Department of Basic Sciences, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering in Partnership with Dept of Energy Materials. Mahatma Gandhi University & Faculty of Chemistry, GUT, Poland, during 16-17 December 2022.

7. Delivered an invited talk on Agricultural waste assessment as adsorbents for the removal of pollutants from industrial effluents in ICSPT-2023 at IIT Patna.

Technical Sessions Chaired at Conferences

1. Chaired technical session on “Sustainable Management of Environment; Wastewater,
Solids, Hazardous Waste” in International Conference on Environment at USM, organised in Malaysia on December 14, 2010.

2. Chaired a technical “Novel Separation” session at the International Conference, CHEMCON 2012, on December 27, 2012, at NIT, Jalandhar, India.

3. Chaired a professional “Process Development” meeting at the International Conference, CHEMCON 2012, on December 30, 2012, at NIT, Jalandhar, India.

4. Chaired a technical session on” Recycling of Polymer Blend” and Biomedical Applications at ICMR18, Kottayam, Kerela.

5. Chaired a session at the International Online Conference on Energy Sciences (ICES-2021) from 10th-12th December 2021 at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

6. Chaired a technical session at ICBSSD 2022 on 17/12/2022.

7. Chaired Technical Session-II in ICSPT 2023 at IIT Patna on 07/12/2023.


Book Authored

Book authored

1. The chapter on “Application of Agro-Residues-Based Activated Carbon as Adsorbents for Phenol Sequestration from Aqueous Streams: A Review” in “Reuse and Recycling of materials: Solid Waste Management and Water Treatment” by Rivers Publishers, Denmark and the Netherlands, ISBN: 978-87-7022-058-3 (Hardback) 978-87-7022-057-6 (Ebook)
2. The chapter on “Characterization of Agro-residues for Thermochemical Applications”, “WasteEng12″, 2012, for the publisher, Mines d’ Albi, France, ISBN: 979-10-91526-00-5.
3.The chapter on” Biodiesel-Research and Future Trends”, “Advances in Chemical Engineering”, Macmillan Press, 2011, ISBN No.: CORP-000185.
4.The chapter on.” Thermo-Chemical Characterization of Agro-Residues for its Effective Utilization as a Source of Renewable Energy”, “Advanced Renewable Energy Sources”, 2010, ISBN No.:13978-81-909984-0-6

5.The chapter on.”Application of Rice-husk for Phenol Removal from Coke Oven Effluents”, “Separation Processes: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Developments”, 2009, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., ISBN No.: 978-81-8424-499-1.
6.The chapter on “Pyrolysis and Adsorption Studies on Rice Husk,” ” Recent Advances in Biomass Gasification and Combustion”, Under the aegis of Ministry of Nonconventional Energy Sources, New Delhi,1993, Interline Publisher, ISBN:81-7296-012-3

Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

1. Member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.

2. Life member of Indian Society of Technical Education.



” Women Researcher” in 2nd International Scientist Award on Engineering, Science, And Medicine” at Vishakhapatnam, A.P., India.





Papers Published in National/International Journals

1. Comparison of biomasses and Study of acacia nilotica branches as an adsorbent material for phenol removal, International Journal of Environmental Impacts, Vol 5, pp173-183, 2022.

2. Comparison of biomasses as adsorbent materials for phenol removal, WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences, Vol 133, pp 127-133, 2021.

3. Application of Crop-residue Biomass as a Catalyst for Bio-diesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil (February 5, 2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3705099 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3705099
4. Analysis of biomasses for their thermochemical transformations to biofuels, International Journal of Energy Production & Management, vol 5(2), June 30, 2020.

5. Adsorptive findings on selected biomasses to remove phenol from aqueous solutions, Resources 2019, 8(4), 180, ISSN No.: 2079-9276.

6. ” Biodiesel production using waste cooking oil selecting solid acid catalyst derived from activated coconut coir”, International Journal of Energy Production & Management, vol 3(2), August 2018.

7.” Batch Adsorption of Phenol by Improved Activated Acacia Nilotica branches char: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies”, (pp 269-279), vol: 12, issue: 8, 2015, International Journal of Chemical Technology.

8. “Adsorption of Phenol by a Biomass (Acacia Nilotica Branches) Based Activated Carbon for Water Purification”, (pp 1361-1372), Vol.:6, Issue:4, 2015, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.

9.” Briquetting of Saw Dust”, (page nos:1758-1761) in Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol.110-116, 2011 ISSN No.:1662-7482.

10.”Application of Rice-Straw as raw material for the production of handmade paper”(page Nos.:145-148) in International Journal of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association(IPPTA), 23(2),2011, ISSN No.: 0379-5462.

11.” Selection Criteria of Agro-Residues for Various Thermo-Chemical Processes” (page Nos: 228-235), Journal of Biofuels; Volume:1; Issue:2, July-December 2010, ISSN No.:0976-3015.

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15.”Application of steam-assisted gravity drainage process in heavy oil recovery”, (Page Nos.:11-20), in Journal of Ultra Chemistry, Volume 8(1),2012, ISSN No.:0973-3450.

16.”Biomass characterisation for various thermo-chemical Applications”, (pp 59-63), International Journal of Current Engineering & Scientific Research, Vol 2, Issue 2,2015 ISSN No.:2394-0697.

17. “Application of agro-residues for removal of oil spill from sea surface”,(pp 5-10), vol 2, issue 1, 2016, International Journal of Chemical Separation Technology.

18.”Application of Acid-Treated Carbon Derived from Biomass(Lantana camera) for Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions”, (pp1-8), vol3, issue1, 2017, International Journal of Environmental Chemistry.

19.” Study of Esterification of Waste Cooking Oil using Solid Acid Catalyst Derived from Coconut Coir”, pp363-366, vol 7(3),2017, International Journal of Engineering and Management Research.

Papers presented at National or International Conferences:

1.”Application of Rice-Husk for Treatment of Industrial Effluents for Phenolic Wastes”, (pp.137-143), Proceedings of National Seminar on Science and Technology in Present Perspective, Organised by SBSCET, Ferozepur on October 26, 2002.

2. Paper presented on”Application of Agro-Residues for Removal of Phenolic Wastes from Disposable water”, in National Seminar on Energy Conservation & Environmental Management for Sustainable Development of Process Industries held during 25-26, Feb.2006 organised by Institute of Technology, organised by Gurus Ghasidas UniversityBilaspur, Chattisgarh.

3. Paper presented on “Application of Rice-Husk as an Adsorbent” in Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, in Chemcon 27-30 organised by Deptt. Of Chemical Engg. And Tech., Punjab University, Chandigarh.

4. Paper presented on “Design and Fabrication of Briquetting Machine for Saw Dust”, in International Conference on Environment, USM, Malaysia, held during 13-15 Dec.2010, organised by University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

5. Paper presented “Briquetting Technology for Effective Utilization of Agro-Residues as a Source of Renewable Energy” in Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, Chemcon 27-29 Dec.2010, organised by Deptt. Of Chemical Engg.,Annamalai University, AndharaAnnamalai Nagar.

6. Paper presented in “Briquetting of Saw Dust”, International Conference on Energy and Power, held 29-31 July 2011, IACSIT, Bangkok, Thailand.

7. Paper presented on “Application of Babool for Phenol Removal from Effluents” in Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, Chemcon, held during 27-29 Dec.2011 at Bangalore.

8. Paper presented on”Application of Agro-residues for phenol removal from effluents”, in Role of Green Technologies for Sustainable Development, 30-31st March 2012, Ibrahim Andhra Pradesh.

9. Paper presented on”Characterisation of Agro-residues for Thermochemical Applications” in WASTENG 12 during 10-13 Sep. 2012 held at Porto, Portugal.

10. Paper presented on ” Study of Biodiesel from Waste Soya Bean Oil” in CHEMCON 2013 held 27-30 December 2013 at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

11. Paper presented on “Adsorption of Phenol by a Biomass (Acacia Nilotica Branches) Based Activated Carbon for Water Purification ” in CHEMCON 2015 held from 27-30 December 2015 Deptt. of Chemical Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

12. Paper presented on “Biodiesel production from waste cooking selecting a solid catalyst derived from activated coconut coir” in Energy Quest 2018 at New Forest, United Kingdom.

13. Paper presented on ” Application of Crop-residue Biomass as a Catalyst for Bio-diesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil ” in “International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering” at UPES, Dehradun, during 5-7 February 2020.

14. Paper presented on ” Comparison of biomasses as adsorbent-materials for phenol removal” in “10th International Conference on Computational Methods and Experiments in Material and Contact Characterisation ( Material Characterization 2021 )” organised by Wessex Institute, United Kingdom during 7-9 July 2021.

15. Paper presented on ” Effects of thermo-chemical treatments on properties of acacia nilotica-based biosorbents for phenol removal” in “4th International Conference on Bioresource Technology Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability” (BIORESTEC 2023) organised by ELSEVIER at Lake Garda, Italy, during 14-17 May 2023.





VIDWAN (Expert database & National Researcher's Network): https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/120055



(A)Sponsored Projects:
1.Waste Management, Effluent Treatment & Recycling sponsored by AICTE of 20 lakhs under TAPTEC scheme from 2003 to 2006.
2.Modernization of Mass Transfer Lab, sponsored by AICTE of 10 lakhs under MODROB scheme from 2006 to 2008.
(B) Research Interests:
1.Waste Management & Recycling, 2. Bio-Resource Technology, 3.Alternate Sources of Energy, 4. Nano-Technology
(C) Research Gate website:Pushpa Jha on ResearchGate