M. Tech. (Chemical Engineering)

M. Tech. (Chemical Engineering)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

PEO 01: Prepare students who can take up professional assignments in basic and applied research in chemical engineering industry and academic area.

PEO 02: To equip the students with ability in advanced conceptual understanding in solving real time problems with special emphasis on process integration, energy efficiency and cleaner production.

PEO 03: To equip the students with technical knowhow for economic and social development of rural and urban India.


Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

After successful completion of post graduate programme in Chemical Engineering, the student will be able to:

PO 01: Use mathematics, science and engineering knowledge for solving complex problems in the field of  Chemical Engineering.

PO 02: Identify and analyze engineering problems to formulate appropriate solutions proficiently.

PO 03: Design and develop real-time system to meet desired needs in the field of Chemical Engineering.

PO 04: Compile, interpret and present research data in an appropriate format, taking into consideration scientific principles and methodology.

PO 05: Use effectively modern tools and techniques for modelling complex problems to provide alternative solutions.

PO 06: Design engineering systems to address societal, legal, cultural, security, health and safety issues.

PO 07: Use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools required for environmental and sustainable development.

PO 08: Adopt and exhibit professional knowledge with ethical responsibilities.

PO 09: Function effectively as an individual as well as team member for achieving desired goals.

PO 10: Communicate in both verbal and written forms to compete globally.

PO 11: Take up administrative responsibilities involving both project and financial management, confidently, exhibit confidence, leadership qualities and remain engaged in life-long learning.

Programme Specific outcomes (PSO’s)

PSO 01: Ability to apply advanced chemical engineering knowhow for inception and development of process for the future utilization of renewable resources.

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