Dr. H.R. Ghatak: Industrial Pollution Control and Cleaner Production; Hydrogen energy; Energy from industrial wastes and biomass; Biorefineries

Dr. Kamlesh Kumari: Controlled Drug/Fertilizer Release through polymeric biomaterials; Treatment of Industrial Effluents using chitosan and its derivatives

Dr. Pushpa Jha: Waste Management & Recycling; Bio-Resource Technology; Alternate Sources of Energy

Dr. Sandeep Mohan Ahuja: Industrial pollution Control and Energy Conservation

Dr. Avinash Thakur: Chemical and Bio-chemical Engineering

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Jawa: Industrial pollution Control and Energy Conservation

Dr A. S. K. Sinha: Paper Technology

Dr Vinay Kumar: Polymer Sciene & Technology

Dr. Nikhil Prakash: Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization; Polymer Science and Engineering; Reaction Engineering; Artificial Neural Networks; Catalysis

Dr. Amit Rai: Environmental management;

Ms. Subita Bhagat: Experimental & Theoretical Studies on Olefin Polymerization with metallocene complex catalytic system.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Meena: Industrial Pollution Control