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Registration No.


Part Time

Date of Registration

Research Topic

Name of Supervisor

1 Akash Sood PCE-1801 (NDF) Regular 05.09.2018 Studies on Carbon Capture Using Amine Based Solvents

Prof.. Avinash Thakur

Prof. S. M. Ahuja

2 Purtika PCE-1902 (NDF) Regular 24.07.2019 Studies on Extraction of Dyes using Emulsion Liquid Membrane

Prof.. Avinash Thakur

Dr. Gulshan Kumar Jawa

3 Pratyush Upadhyay PCE-2009 Part Time 26.11.2020 Wastewater Treatment

Prof. H. R. Ghatak

Dr. Amit Rai

4 Gaurav Singh PCE-2029 Part Time 26.11.2020 Wastewater Treatment

Prof. Kamlesh Kumari

Prof. H. R. Ghatak

5 Devanand Bambole PCE-2102 Part Time 15.09.2021 Studies on Fire Retardant Hybrid Nano-composites based on Epoxy Reinforced with Halloysite Nanotubes (HNTs) and Graphene.

Prof. Kamlesh Kumari

Dr. Nikhil Prakash

6 Abhay Kumar PCE-2228 Regular 20.01.2023 Study on Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Prof. Pushpa Jha

Prof. S. M. Ahuja

7 Kiranjeet Kaur PCE-2302 Regular 28.07.2023

Dr. Gulshan Kumar Jawa

Prof. S. M. Ahuja

8 Shiv Nandan PCE-2350 Part Time Dr. V. K. Meena
9 Naveen Arya PCE-2351 Executive Part-Time Dr. Gulshan Kumar Jawa
10 Vimal Kumar PCE-2365 Executive Part-Time

Dr. Subita Bhagat

Prof. Pushpa Jha

11 Shailender Bhakt PCE-2369 Part-Time

Dr. V. K. Meena

Prof. H. R. Ghatak





S. No. Title of Thesis

Students’ Name


Supervisor’s Name
1 Study and evaluation of electrolysis as a treatment option for non-sulfur black liquor H.R. Ghatak

Dr. P.P. Kundu

Dr. Satish Kumar

2 Synthesis and Characterization of chitosan-starch based hydrogel for controlled drug release Virpal Singh

Dr. Kamlesh


3 Mesoporous Methylcellulose (MC) for Controlled Hormone and Fertilizer Release Ratan Pal Singh Randhawa

Dr. P.P.


Dr. Kamlesh


4 Techno-economic feasibility of utilization of pulverized coal fly-ash as filler and rice straw as fibrous raw material for manufacturing of laminate base paper A.S.K. Sinha

Dr. Pushpa Jha

Dr. Manohar    Singh

Dr. S.P. Singh

5 Chemical modification of natural polysaccharides for Modulated Drug Delivery Pawan Kumar

Dr. Kamlesh Kumari

Dr. Harish Kumar Chopra

6 Studies on extractive fermentation of lactic acid Avinash Thakur

Dr. P.S.

Panesar/Dr. Manohar Singh


7 Characterization of Biomass/Agro Residues and Application of Selected Biomass for sorption of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions Bhajan Dass Dr. Pushpa Jha
8 Studies on Chitosan – Semiconductor based materials for treatment of Industrial Effluents Navneet Kaur

Dr. Kamlesh Kumari

Dr. Dhiraj Sood,

9 Studies on Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions by using Biosorbents Gulshan Kumar Jawa Dr. S.M. Ahuja
10 Studies on Preparation and Characterization of Green Emulsion Liquid Membrane and its Application for Lactic Acid Extraction Anil Kumar

Dr. Avinash Thakur

Dr. P. S. Panesar

11 Studies on Soda Agroresidue Lignin Degradation and Value-Added Reaction Products by Electrochemical Methods Sandeep Singh Dr. H. R. Ghatak
12 Study on ECF bleaching of wheat straw pulp using ozone Sandeep Kumar Tripathi

Dr. H. R. Ghatak

Dr. N. K. Bhardwaj

13 Studies on Value added Products from Agro Residue Based Biorefinery Waste Lignin by Using Photocatalytic Process. Kaleem Ahmad

Dr. H. R. Ghatak

Dr. S. M. Ahuja

14 Study of Electrochemical Remediation of Selected Pharmaceuticals as emerging Pollutants in Wastewater. Vinod Kumar Meena

Dr. H. R. Ghatak


15 Modeling and Simulation of Propene Polymerization with Metallocene Complex Catalytic Systems Subita Bhagat Dr. Nikhil Prakash