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  1. MXene-Polymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications, In: MXene Nanocomposites Design, Fabrication, and Shielding Applications, Edited By Poushali Das, Andreas Rosenkranz, Sayan Ganguly. CRC Press, DOI: 10.1201/9781003281511-10 (2023).

Amandeep Singh, Sonam Gupta, Kamlesh Kumari, P. P. Kundu.


  1. Metal-Based Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Biomedical Applications. In: Tiwari, S.K., Kumar, V., Thomas, S. (eds) Nanoparticles Reinforced Metal Nanocomposites. Springer, Singapore, (2023).

Amandeep Singh, Sovan Lal Banerjee, Aparesh Gantait, Kamlesh Kumari & Patit Paban Kundu


  1. Synthesis of Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite from Natural Sources for Bone Tissue Engineering in Encyclopedia of Green Materials. Section 9: Green Materials for Biomedical Applications and Treatments, Springer. DOI (2023).

Kamlesh Kumari


  1. Electrochemical cyclic voltametric and kinetics of vanillin formation over TiMMO electrodes from agro residue black liquor in Singh L., Mahapatra, D., and Kumar, S., Eds. “Multifaceted Bio-Sensing Technology”. Academic Press; Cambridge, UK. ISBN 978-0-323-90807-8, pp 135-150. (2023).

Singh, S., Ghatak H.R., and Malyan, S.K


  1. The chapter on “Application of Agro-Residues-Based Activated Carbon as Adsorbents for Phenol Sequestration from Aqueous Streams: A Review” in “Reuse and Recycling of Materials: Solid Waste Management and Water Treatment” by Rivers Publishers, Denmark, and the Netherlands, ISBN: 978-87-7022-058-3 (Hardback) 978-87-7022-057-6 (Ebook) – DOI: (2022).

Pushpa Jha


  1. Recent Innovations in Chemical Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate Waste: A Circular Economy Approach toward Sustainability. In: Baskar C., Ramakrishna S., Baskar S., Sharma R., Chinnappan A., Sehrawat R. (eds) Handbook of Solid Waste Management. Springer, Singapore. (2022).

Amandeep Singh, S. L. Banerjee, Kamalesh Kumari & P. P. Kundu


  1. Polyurethane Nanocomposites for Bone Tissue Engineering, In book: Engineered Nanomaterials for Innovative Therapies and Biomedicine, Pages 373-403, Springer Nature, 1007/978-3-030-82918-6_15 (2022).

Amandeep Singh, Kamalesh Kumari & P. P. Kundu


  1. Nanocellulose Biocomposites for Bone Tissue Engineering, In book: Handbook of Nanocelluloses Springer, DOI: 1007/978-3-030-62976-2_39-1 (2021)

Amandeep Singh, Kamlesh Kumari, Patit Paban Kundu


  1. A Review on the Valorization of Biorefinery Based Waste Lignin: Exploratory Potential Market Approach. in Jatinder Kumar Ratan et al., Eds. “Advances in Chemical, Bio and Environmental Engineering”. Springer; Berlin, Germany. ISBN 978-3-030-96553-2, ISBN 978-3-030-96554-9 (eBook) pp 275-309. (2020).

Ahmad, K., Ghatak H.R., and Ahuja, S.M.


  1. Recovery of Nutrients and Transformations of Municipal/Domestic Food Waste, D Panwar, PS Panesar, G Singla, M Krishania, A Thakur,Waste Valorisation: Waste Streams in a Circular Economy, 109-159, 2020.

Divyani Panwar, Parmjit S. Panesar, Gisha Singla, Meena Krishania, Avinash Thakur


  1. Reaction Engineering Principles. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis ISBN 9781498758567. (2018)

Himadri Roy Ghatak


  1. Chitosan / Tripolyphosphate (TPP) Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Release, pp 517-25. Emerging Paradigms in Nanotechnology, ISBN: 978-81-317-8991-9. Pearson (2013).

Kamlesh Kumari


  1. Some Physicochemical Measurements of Chitosan /Starch Polymers in Acetic Acid-Water Mixtures, Advances in Material Science Vol 3, Recycling and Reuse of Materials and Their Products, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, ISBN 9781926895277(2013).

Virpal Singh, Kamlesh Kumari


  1. Commodity Thermoplastics with Bespoken Properties using Metallocene Catalyst Systems, Responsive Materials, and Methods. Ashutosh Tiwari and Hisatoshi Kobayashi (eds.), WILEY-Scrivener Publishing LLC, USA, 2013, 379-398. [ISBN: 978-1-118-68622-5]

Nikhil Prakash


  1. Isolation of lignin from alkaline pulping liquors; in Paterson, R.J., Ed. “Lignin: properties and applications in biotechnology and bioenergy”. Nova Science Publishing Inc.; New York, USA. ISBN 978-1-61122-907-3, pp 257-278. (2012)

H. R. Ghatak


  1. Chitosan Copolymers and IPNs for Controlled Drug Release, pp 289-316. Manufacture, Properties, and Usages, ISBN: 978-1-61728-831-9. Editor Samuel P. Davis, Publisher: Nova publishers (2011).

P.P. Kundu, V. Sharma, Kamlesh Kumari


  1. Biopolymers based on Carboxylic Acids Derived from Renewable Resources. In: Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications. Susheel Kalia and Luc Avérous (eds.), WILEY-Scrivener Publishing LLC, USA, 2011, 169-182. [ISBN: 978-0-470-63923-8].

Sushil Kumar; Nikhil Prakash and Dipaloy Datta