Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To prepare students for successful professional career in Indian and multinational Chemical process and allied industries, design and consultancy organizations and relevant govt. agencies
  2. Capacity build-up in students for problem analysis, interpretation and solution related to application of Chemical engineering for sustainable development
  3. To prepare students who can provide leadership and companionship in multidisciplinary teams.
  4. To   inculcate in students qualities that enable them   to apply their domain knowledge as enlightened citizens for the upliftment of society.


Program Outcomes( POs):

After successful completion of under graduate programme in Chemical Engineering, the student will be able to:

1.    Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to solve technical problems in the domain of Chemical Engineering.

2.    Analyse an engineering problem and formulate its appropriate solution.

3.    Design solutions for Chemical Engineering problems and develop system-components, or processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

4.    Investigate, design and conduct experiments, interpret data, make inferences therein to provide valid conclusion.

5.    Make effective use of modern tools, IT solutions and techniques for modelling complex engineering problems.

6.    Address societal, legal, cultural, security, health and safety issues applicable to the design of engineering systems.

7.    Provide green and sustainable products in said domain.

8.    Adopt and exhibit professional knowledge with ethical responsibilities.

9.    Lead and function individually as well as a member of multi-disciplinary team.

10. Communicate effectively through written and oral modes for global competency.

11. Engage for life-long learning in emerging technologies.

12.Take up administrative responsibilities involving both project and financial management confidently.

13.Apply fundamentals of chemical Engineering for green and energy efficient processes and efficient utilization of natural resources.